Library-KGI Knowledge Resource Centre

Welcome to Central Library of the Kashi Group of Institutions, Varanasi. The Library’s aim is to provide current resources and quality services to support the information needs of the Institutions community as well as to stimulate intellectual thought and academic scholarship. In pursuit of this mission, the library provides a range of information sources, covering the various subject areas that are taught. The Institute is equipped with the latest digital library management software SOUL 3.0 Version. We have above 43000 books and many Journals, E journal and EBooks. Digital library is beneficial for growth of knowledge and reach in the easy way to our study materials, Research paper and new innovation of our society. We are providing many E resources. Digital library is save the time of library user’s. We have also available Many CD’s of books. A variety of services is available and a cadre of professional staff is always ready to assist you with completing your projects, assignments and academic requirement. Please remember that it is your library, so use it, care it and participate in its development.